Bangkok calling – 14 days Quarantine at a ASQ Hotel (Moevenpick, Shukumvit 15) in Bangkok

I decided to say good bye Europe and stay in Thailand for the next 2-3 Month. Enjoy the weather and great food is Asia.

In order to be able to do it, I had to get following Documents together:

  1. German citizens apply for the TR visa.
  2. After receiving the visa, you have to register for the CoE: (which will take about three to four days)
    After confirmation of registration (please keep the 6-digit digit code
    In the second step, the booking confirmations for the flight and the ASQ hotel must be provided
    If the CoE has been confirmed, the CoE must be downloaded
  3. Then get the informal „Fit to fly“ certificate in English from your doctor and (!) An additional letter from your doctor (also in English) that you have tested negative for COVID-19 by RT-PCR. The test result must be attached to the letter. (both letters: issued no more than 72 hours before departure!)
  4. Start of the 14-day quarantine in an ASQ hotel immediately after arrival in Thailand
  5. Since January 14th, all travelers have to download the „ThailandPlus“ app onto their smartphone and register there. The details of the 6-digit digit code and the number of the COE document are required for this. Travelers who do not have this app must inform the airport staff about the problem upon arrival in Thailand.
    ThailandPlus app:

Please keep in mind, that this Information can change daily, so please always check with your responsible Thai Embassy.

My flight from Barcelona via Doha to Bangkok with Qatar Airways was nice. First flight were on a A350 in Business and 2nd flight on a B777 in Q-suite 😉 The arrival was a little bit scary, but well organised. It took me 1.5h from Arrival to the Hotel. Was not to bad for Bangkok!

Below you can see the food I have received within the last couple of days Quarantine at the Moevenpick Shukumvit 15, Bangkok.


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