My first trip to the USA in 2013

Finally I made it to the USA for a really cool Road trip in 2013. The Journey started on a sunny day from Gibraltar Airport via London Heathrow to Chicago.

After arrival we spent 2 days in Chicago, before we started our 4 weeks Camper Van adventure. I had to learn, that whatever you buy in the USA it is always XXL 😉

From Chicago we took the Bus to Fort Wayne and continued with a Taxi to Decatur to pick up our Camper Van. We had a special deal, we basically picked up the RV from the manufactory and delivered it to the rental station in Las Vegas, for that we had 4 weeks time and no limit on the miles 😉 We only had to pay the insurance and the petrol.

From Decatur we drove from the North down to the South along the East coast to Daytona for the biggest Bike Week in the World. This took us around 2,5 days of non-stop driving from early in the morning till late at night. No time to take much pictures and do many stops. After many hours of driving and not much sleep we finally arrived at Daytona. We stayed for 3 days, busy watching Bikes, testing Bikes and of course enjoyed the shows at night 😉

After a couple of days full of fun, we drove from Daytona to Tampa, for a quick stop over and to meet some friends.

After relaxing days in Tampa we continued our Trip to Phoenix, to meet another Friend. We had another 3 days of long hours driving ahead and not much time for sightseeing. Our rule were always to get Petrol when the Tank were half full and it always worked fine, until we arrived in Texas, we drove for hours without seeing any Cars, Trucks or Petrol stations. After hours of driving through the desert and our Petrol Lamp were already blinking, we found a Petrol Station. This was really a nightmare, driving in the middle of nowhere and don’t know, when the next Town or Petrol Station is coming!

However after 3 days we arrived in Phoenix and had a couple of days to relax and to enjoy the fantastic weather. I enjoyed the walks with the dogs though the dessert. Even there were a lot. of warning signs for Rattlesnakes, we haven’t seen any and I guess that was better for all of us.

Now we were on the way to our last Destination Las Vegas via the Grand Canyon, unfortunately we didn’t had much time in Vegas, because we arrived late at night and had to deliver the Camper Van to the rental station in the morning. The next day we had our flight back to Gibraltar in the morning, so we decided to visit only old Vegas and comeback another time for the Stripe. The story about the 2nd Trip to Vegas will come soon, just describe to not miss the article about our Vegas trip 😉


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