Morning walk at the Lumpini Park, Bangkok

To get away from all the negative news on TV and Radio, I decided to fly to Thailand and stay there for as long as possible. Right now I have a 2 Month VISA and I hope I can extend it for another month. It is beginning of March and very Hot (avg. 32C), so I decided after Breakfast before it become to hot, I ll do a quick walk through the Lumpini Park in Bangkok. I took the BTS from my Hotel to Sala Daeng station and from there it took me around 10 Minutes walk to the Park. In the Park itself it is really nice, you can see people on bicycles or doing Yoga. You have a playground for kids and many other options to chill out. It is a nice place to relax and get away from all the hustle in Bangkok. You can just walk around, work out or just relax, whatever you want. The perfect place in Bangkok to come down. After a nice walk and watching many Dragons having breakfast, I decided to jump into a cold Taxi back to my Hotel and to enjoy the AC in my Room at the VIE Hotel in Bangkok. Lets see what the next couple of weeks will bring in Thailand. I ll keep you all updated 😉


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