My first trip alone to Thailand

In 2008 I decided to travel to Thailand, this was my first trip to Thailand and what I didn’t knew at this time, many trips to Thailand will follow 😁

At this time I travelled on a small budget, so I started my usual research on google and tripadvisor about where to go and what to do. So on the End I booked a cheap Hotel near Khao San Road in Bangkok, the place all Backpackers know. Here you will meet people from all over the world and also some local people. Finally I arrived in Bangkok after a 10h flight and had to master my first challenge. How to get from BKK Airport to the Khao San Road? As I said on the beginning, I was on a budget, so I decided to take the Public Transport, instead of a Taxi. It took me around 45 Minutes until I found the place where I can buy a bus ticket to Khao San Road. From the Airport to my Hotel took another 1.5-2h by Bus. I was very lucky, because the Bus stopped in front of my Hotel. I checked in and could finally take a shower after a long journey. It was already late in the afternoon, so I decided to discover the Area straight away. The Hotel were only 100 Meters away from the famous Khao San Road, so after a short walk, I arrived at the madness, many small self-made Bars and many shops offering Massages or cheap clothes to buy.

After 2 drinks I met already Backpackers from Scotland and I got my first impression on how easy it is to meet people in Bangkok. After a long night I met many people and got many tipps on where to go in Bangkok and also what to do after Bangkok.

The next day I decided to take the Watertaxi and visit some Temples. The Kings Palace, Wat Arun and What Po are not far away from the Khao San Road.

I always would recommend to do the sightseeing in Bangkok early in the morning, because after around 11am it usually gets very hot and it is no fun to walk around when the sun is burning down. I always try to be back in my Hotel or at a shopping mall.

So after half a day of sightseeing I decided to get back to the Hotel with a TukTuk, which is fun, but also can be a little bit dangerous, because they don’t follow always the rules. So when you like it a little bit chaotic, Bangkok is the place to go 😝

After I arrived at my Hotel and had a quick shower, I decided to get a nice 1h Food Massage next door to my Hotel. I really can recommend this, after a long sightseeing trip, this gives you a lot of energy back and you feel so much better for the evening.

Before I went out again, I have just booked my flight to Koh Samui for the next day. This place were recommended from many people I have met the day before. The good thing in Thailand is, that you get really cheap flight tickets, even you just book it a day in advance.

After a short night, I took the Bus back to the Airport and from there I were flying to Koh Samui and from Koh Samui I took a Ferry to Koh Phangan. This place is famous for the Full Moon Party and many other Parties.

Now I had a relaxing week ahead of me. Again I met many people from all over the world and this time also many Locals, because I stayed at a nice small Guesthouse in the middle of Tomsalla, with only 4 Guestrooms. The owner had also a pub opposite of his Guesthouse, where many Locals were playing Pool. After only 2 days at the Guesthouse, People from the city talked already to me, when I went out for coffee, lunch or dinner and everyone wanted to play Pool with me. So I had a fantastic time at this place.

Now 13 years later, I m still travelling to Thailand at least once a year. I can say I have travelled the world. I have been in North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. All places are beautiful and I had where ever I have been a good time and I met always new people from all over the world, however Thailand is my favourite place, because it is safe, People are friendly, the weather is good and I love the Thai Street food. This are the reasons, why I fly at least once a year to Thailand!

I hope you enjoyed the article and maybe we will meet one day in Thailand 😁


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