Why I have chosen Quarantine in Bangkok instead of the „Sandbox Project“ in Phuket

I were just back a couple of weeks from my last Thailand trip beginning of February 2021, so I decided to start planing my next Trip to Thailand for August. At this Time everything were open and the Thai Government said from August on everybody can enter Thailand as long as they are fully vaccinated. After a couple of weeks and daily changes for Thailand, they came up the with Sandbox Project, so you can enter Phuket, if you are fully vaccinated and you can move within Phuket for 2 Weeks. You need to do 3 PCR Test. One on arrival, one in the middle and one on the end of the 2 Weeks, after that you were allowed to Travel within Thailand. However I decided to go for the Bangkok Quarantine instead of the Phuket Sandbox.

I left Germany with Singapore Airlines from Frankfurt via Singapore on the 14th of July 2021 and arrived on the 15th of July early in the morning in Bangkok. The Flight with Singapore Airlines in Business class was good, but in Singapore the Airport were not open for Transit Passengers, so I had no Lounge access. They picked you up on arrival and guided you to Zones. When your connecting flight were ready, they picked you up in your Zone and guided you to the departure Gate. As Business Class Passenger you have a little extra Area, where you get some free Snacks and Drinks, so it was ok.

On my Arrival in Bangkok, it was like last time. Very good organised and from leaving the Plane till check in to my Hotel it took me only 45 Minutes. They have changed the Quarantine Rules again, this time you had to do 3 instead of 2 PCR Test, you were not allowed to leave the rooms once a day for a walk on the Rooftop Terrasse and you had to clean your room yourself.

This time my view from my Quarantine Hotel (Moevenpick, 15 Sukhumvit, Bangkok) were not as good as last time.

After one week of Quarantine, I read on the news, that Covid numbers are going worse in Thailand and that they have reviewed the Sandbox Project and have banned Public travel within Thailand. So when People had the plan to Travel within in Thailand after 2 weeks Phuket, they were not able to move anywhere. For me on the other site it was ok, because I were 2 weeks in Quarantine and were able to Travel as long as I had a Privat Taxi, which is not really a big Problem in Thailand. I paid 1600 THB (app. 40 EUR) for a 3h Trip from Bangkok to Jomtien. My original plan was to travel whole of Thailand, but due to the situation, I have changed my plan. Hotels are open, but you can’t use the Pools and you can’t go out and do day trips. The same rule is for Condos, you can get them really cheap at the moment, but you can’t use the pool or gym. The Beach is also closed, so I decided to rent a Villa with my own Pool. So if I would have chosen Phuket, I would be still in Phuket, without any option to Travel outside of Phuket.

I hope the whole situation will change in October, so you can fly around and enjoy the Beach and day Trips. Otherwise I have to change my Plan and fly back to Germany and plan another Adventure somewhere else in the world, e.g. Mexico, Dubai or Maldives…..


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